With college tuition rising at an average of 8% per year, it’s definitely well worth it to try and get grants and scholarships to help with living and tuition expenses. 1 day college might be free , but for now it is costly. There are multiple avenues and sources of financing for college undergrads, however, the ideal place to start is by using for the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

Apply For Left Handed Scholarships & Grants


    The Free Application for Federal Student Aid can be obtained at fafsa.ed.gov. It will take into account you (and your parents, if you are under 24) the previous year’s income and other factors to help determine just how much you and your family should be contributing to college expenses. The college you plan to attend will get the application, and out there will produce a financial aid package that could consist of grants, some student scholarships, and federal student loans.
  • Pell Grant
    The Federal Pell Grant is a need based grant, and currently maxes out at $5,500 per school year.
  • Stafford Loans
    Loaned directly from the government, Stafford Loans are the ideal option if you and your family decide to take student debt. Financial aid packages are usually front-loaded, meaning you get the maximum amount of free cash for tuition through your first years in college.

As you advance through your freshman and sophomore years, the amount of Stafford Loans you are able to take goes up.


  • Institutional Aid
    Most schools, private and public, will give some form of institutional aid to its incoming students. Dollar amounts will vary from person to person and from school to college, and therefore are usually dependent on factors such as financial need and academic merit. It is suggested to apply to numerous schools and see who provides the best financial aid package.
  • Personal Loans
    In the event you choose to do so, you can shop around different lenders for low rates on private student loans. Note, however, that banks aren’t as forgiving in relation to payment terms as the federal government is, so proceed with caution.
Left handed grants and scholarships

Many times the financial aid package won’t cover everything. You will find outside scholarships and grants available to individuals who meet certain criteria, such as: belonging to a certain Native American tribein the family to attend college, or just being left handed.

Grants and scholarships for left handed students would collapse under the”unconventional” category. But when a wealthy person decides to give away portions of their estate to other people in need, they get to call the shots. A specific grantor might have experienced trouble in school as a left handed student, and later in life found it necessary to give a little back to people who may be experiencing the very same difficulties.

1 such grantor is that the Frederick and Mary T. Beckley Scholarship for Left Handed Pupils. Up to $1,000 is awarded to a student who meets their standards, but only if that student is attending Juniata College in Huntingdon, PA.. You can see their site and search around to see if any of their academic programs are of interest for you. Unfortunately, that’s the sole verified scholarship available to especially left handed students. Nevertheless many left handed students are creative types & might apply for various other artistic scholarships & various bizarre scholarship applications.

Visit websites like finaid.org, student aid.ed.gov, fastweb.com, and browse around to see if you meet other standards where there’s another source of college funding. Obviously, always consult your college or potential colleges to learn what sorts of scholarships and grants are available, and when the deadline to apply is. Your regional library is also a valuable resource, and most typically carry comprehensive lists of grantors and their selection criteria.


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