john-wetherbeeHi, I’m John Wetherbee. Thank you for taking the time to visit our campaign to save the waters and wild life of Florida.

My diverse background and experience will help address deep-rooted issues in the water management of this state. I have lived in Florida for 17 years, with time spent in Miami, Gainesville, and now, the Treasure Coast. By living in various regions of the state, I have been able to connect with a wide number of residents and learn more about their issues with the quality of water in their area. This knowledge will help me better address the issues of the entire state, not just one geographic area.

John Wetherbee for Restoring our Beautiful Water Systems

After graduating from the University of Florida, I went to work as a Mechanical Engineer for Dupont and then Westinghouse, both contracted by the Department of Energy. I now own and manage a small businesses in the Treasure Coast area, employing local workers as they provide for their families. Throughout my career, I have learned the fundamentals of how large and small businesses function, even in the government sector. I have seen the impact of government decisions first-hand as they came down from Washington.


“I have the leadership skills that are necessary to address the real needs of Florida families, and not the longstanding interests in Tallahassee.”

John Wetherbee for the Restoration of Pristine Waters in Florida.