Rent Assistance For Single Mothers

Covering household expenses could be challenging for a single mother. One of the constants, regardless of what else has changed about your financial situation, is the need to pay rent. What can a lone mom do when the rent is because she doesn’t have enough money to pay for it? Single mothers are among the weakest in the country and as such, are extremely vulnerable to low-paying jobs, poverty, and homelessness. With the increasing cost of basic essentials, it’s not unusual to see single moms struggle financially simply to keep”a roof over their heads”. Each program keeps help with rent for single moms¬† with affordable rates to families who are homeless or in danger of becoming homeless.

Apply For Rent Assistance For Single Mother


Made by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the public housing program provides safe and decent rental housing for qualified low-income households, the elderly, and the disabled.

All applicants must satisfy the eligibility conditions set forth by HUD. The program generally serves families with incomes up to 80 percent of the area median income (AMI). The wait for public housing varies, depending on the size of your family and the length of the waiting list. It may take up to a week  for emergency rent assistance for single mothers program application approval to you.


Another rental assistance application by HUD is the Housing Choice Voucher Program simply known as Section 8, that is designed for households with low incomes to afford safe and decent housing outside of the public housing program. Section 8 is one of those home help with rent for single moms programs that come in the kind of subsidies. Throughout the voucher system, the receiver searches for an apartment in the personal market and pays about 40% of the income for rent, while the remainder is paid with federal money.

Rent Assistance For Single Mothers
Rent Assistance For Single Mothers

In general, waiting lists for Section 8 are far longer than public housing. But unlike public housing, if you receive a voucher, then you can use it anywhere in the country.


Direct payments for specified uses are also provided via the Family Unification Program. This system provides aid to families separated or confronting separation because of a lack of adequate housing. The coupons provided through this program may be utilized to secure housing within the private rental sector. For further info regarding FUP or the voucher program, contact either the local PHA serving your neighborhood or the Office of Public help with rent for single moms Housing within your regional HUD office.

For families which are behind on their rent or people which are presently homeless, there are also local agencies, neighborhood groups, and charitable organizations that may that help rent assistance programs for single mothers.


CoAbode supplies a distinctive”match-making” service to provide single moms the chance to discuss home with another single mum of their own choosing; halving the price of rent and over head expenses and freeing the much-needed resources. Besides providing them with affordable housing opportunities, CoAbode also provides technical support groups, educational scholarships, community outreach, and involvement designed to make parenting a child alone a good deal simpler.


When tough times hit, the Salvation Army assists families and destitute individuals who are working to pay their rent with partial lease payment, and when finance is limited provides referral to other partner services. Priority is given to single parents, seniors, families with children, and those that are at risk of losing their permanent home or who have currently become homeless. For information on help with rent for single moms locally, contact your local Salvation Army Corps Community Center by using the location research on this page.

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